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Anti Pollution

As the name suggests, this is a four layer ultimate facial, treatment for visible difference on the skin. This treatment provides immediate results and long term benefits of cell rejuvenation while restoring skin elasticity and improving circulation.


CONTENTS-   Detox Tonic 2ml*12pcs

                     3D Mask Silk 30ml*12pcs

                     Cream Radiance Detox 8g*12pcs

                     Cleansing Foam Radiance 8g*12pcs

                     Peel Radiance 8g*12pcs


SUITED TO - Thin delicate skin Post 30


BENEFIT - Provides deep hydration into the skin layers, restores health of skin, hydrates skin from within, repairs harmful effects of sun damage. Counteracts all signs of ageing, addressing easing out crows feet & and any finelines.


KEY INGREDIENTS - Ginko Leaf extract, Glycolic Acid, Tea Tree extracts.


SUGGESTION - Maintain this facial with the usage of Agelock Youth Drops.


RESULT - This facial helps control free radical damage to skin & reinforces the skin barrier function while giving the skin a collagen boost.